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In Dsion Startup challenge, we would like to provide the participants with a convenient service.

Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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  • Blockchain platform for startup funding
  • Dsion is a blockchain platform for both investors and startups to ensure fair and secure investment. it also support investment in promising startups and successfully lead a blockchain platform. And it provide companies with specialized modules for decentralized blockchain platforms.

Block Ventures

  • Block Ventures is a Singapore-based blockchain advisory and investment company founded by Jason Su and Jerry Ng. Block Ventures’ subsidiary arm Blockchain Investment Group (BIG) is a global cryptocurrency and blockchain investment community that connects blockchain startup founders, thought leaders, professionals and investors alike. Since early 2018, a series of over 60 community events have been hosted across BIG local chapters in Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Ho Chi Minh, Taipei, Beijing, Seoul and Tokyo.

  • (Singapore Business Meet) is one of Singapore's largest entrepreneurial themed business networking group founded since 2002 and have held over 300 business networking and startups pitching events for 5000+ entrepreneurs. SBM aims to provide an informal platform for both aspiring and established entrepreneurs to connect, network and synergize. It’s founded by Jason Su and Bob Lee.